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RAA: integrated campaign


Every South Australian just wants to get on with life, both off and on the road.

While RAA is a trusted and reliable brand, it is not always perceived to be needed or relevant outside of a car breakdown.


We showed how RAA can play a role in more parts of South Australians lives than they realised, so they can focus on what matters most. This helped to reposition RAA as dynamic and future-focussed brand that is built for the next generation, and increase market share and product member penetration.

Underpinned by a new brand purpose to 'keep members moving', we developed an integrated campaign to increase awareness of the newly developed positioning, diversified products, and further cement existing perceptions of trust.

Appointed as project lead, I was responsible for providing leadership of the team to execute the campaign, as well as ensuring the holistic project was delivered on time, within budget and achieving commercial outcomes. This involved:

  • Research: Qualitative and quantitative research on previous campaigns, including neuro-ad testing alignment with distinctive brand assets.

  • Strategy: Development of the project strategy and objectives, working cross-functionally with the appointed creative agency to ensure cohesive and thorough planning across Brand, Membership, Product and Compliance.

  • Production: Overseeing client-side operations, including three weeks of production overseas and in South Australia.

  • Amplification: Contribution to the strategy and execution of the media strategy and plan to take brand to market.

  • Compliance: ensure ad material was refined from a legal, risk and compliance perspective.

Together we created a suite of 11 different brand and product television commercials with integrated, extension assets for all channels.

We achieved a big bang for launch, but with considered and appropriate weighting and sequencing of messages targeted at difference audience segments.

Heavy and experienced buyers (existing members) were prioritised in the first instance, as well as lighter/medium category buyers to achieve wider reaching long-term objectives. The second stage was focused on driving reach and targeting whole of categories.


Through the brand repositioning and combined efforts across the business, RAA saw a 13% increase in total YoY income (2019 vs 2020). Now, RAA boasts more than 770,000 members.

We were also featured in numerous industry publications.

Importantly, I am proud of the work and we had fun contributing to the history and legacy of the brand.

All visual concepts by KWP!

Brand TVC:

Product TVC's:


(homepage takeover ads)


Mock-up image courtesy of the amazing Sven Kovac.


Mock-up image courtesy of the amazing Sven Kovac.


Behind the scenes

  • Producers: Annalise Menzel and Anna Bardsley-Jones.

  • Director: Kate Halpin.

  • Agency: KWP! - Corey Swaffer, Executive Creative Director and Ryan Shipway, Group Account Director.

  • RAA: Matthew Schumacher, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Communications, Tom Graue, Brand Manager, Danni Sparkes, Marketing Manager (project lead).

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