RAA: a new brand

Iconic South Australian brand RAA needed to move in a bold new direction.

The why

Motoring clubs around the country have stood out owing to their century-old legacy in road safety and advocacy.

Fast forward one hundred years, the role of the car in people’s life is changing, and thus clubs are understandably striving to be known for more than just motoring. Not only this, the macro environment continues to evolve rapidly both locally and globally with changes across climate, trade, society and technology fundamentally reshaping consumer behaviour and disrupting established businesses.

By diversifying product and service offering into insurance, travel, and the home, the clubs can offer products for peace of mind, and value-added services that can be taken advantage of right now to keep their 740,000 members engaged.

The challenge was that consumer brand perceptions were misaligned, risking long-term relevancy and sustainability.

Brand health research, beyond just the typical NPS, indicated that RAA members and non-members didn’t see the brand as a dynamic organisation, and both groups were not aware of the full breadth of RAA’s products and services.

A new look and feel was developed to reflect how RAA are changing, and the type of organisation they were becoming.

We recognised that to compete in an age of disruption, we need to organise differently. If we want to catch the next wave of growth and ensure the next wave of disruption doesn’t catch us, we also need a different external and internal identity to support this growth.

The how

There was a cross-functional project team formed amongst Brand, Membership, Marketing, and Product to bring the new brand to life.

Working as the Marketing Manager in 2018 and 2019, I was directly involved in the following elements of the project:

  • Research: Validation of previously conducted member research with fresh insights on brand health metrics and member experience insights.

  • Change management and communications: Contribution to stakeholder engagement, strategy, and internal-communications to redefine and embed the organisational values.

  • Identity: Alongside the development of a refreshed visual and verbal identity with agency Milo&Co, Marketing ensured the creative was fit for an omni-channel approach. This included the development of distinctive brand assets and creative territories for campaigns.

  • Member 'channel of choice': Contribution to the strategy and execution of optimising member channels of choice, including a new website and app experience, refurbishment of physical RAA bricks and mortar shops and review of call-centre journeys.

  • Direct-marketing communications: Contribution to the strategy and execution of a direct-to-member campaign prior to public release.

  • Execution: Rollout and public launch of new brand positioning.

The what

The new RAA brand was launched to market in 2019, reflecting the core idea of ‘movement’ which is at the heart of the strategy and brand purpose to ‘keep members moving’.

The brand was then amplified by an above the line media plan and integrated campaign.

All visuals by Milo&Co.

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