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Spirit Super: new brand and integrated campaign


MTAA Super and Tasplan Super funds merged on 1 April 2021. This merger created combined national super fund with more than $23 billion funds under management and approximately 326,000 members. The merged entity is an Industry Super Fund with a new identity of 'Spirit Super'.

While superannuation is a valued part of Australian life and most see it as a key to a rewarding retirement, the landscape has intensified by rapid disruption. Industry consolidation continues, placing pressure on Australia’s workforce. The Royal Commission also shook public trust in the financial services industry.

To mitigate these risks, we needed to drive trust with a new brand launch, being selective in the messaging and where the messages were placed. Staying consistent with APRA’s view that larger funds are typically better able to provide good outcomes for its members, the ultimate goal was to show existing and new audiences that we are the fund to trust for their retirement savings.


New brand: a fresh approach to super

'Spirit Super' was born from the brand essence “feel special”, a progressive and optimistic people-first fund with a stronger emotional resonance than functional.

The logo and brand mark, created by agency Hulsbosch, represents the idea that Spirit Super is here to make their members from all over Australia feel special. It’s an abstract map of the continent with an optimistic spark radiating from its centre.

Integrated campaign: Drivers of choice

Beyond the new identity, an integrated above the line campaign was built to launch the brand to market. Campaign messaging was designed around the rational and emotional key buying reasons within the superannuation category.

Both funds had a proud history and decades of expertise. The campaign was designed to evoke a sense of trust and demonstrate why members can feel confident that this expertise will not be eroded.

Working as the 'Marketing and Brand Manager' in 2019 and 2020, I was directly involved in:

  • Briefing and strategy: Working as a project lead to brief the creative campaign and media buy.

  • Brand strategy panel: Appointed as an SME on the brand and marketing workstream within the broader merge project. This involved ongoing development of the new brand including collaboration with Hulsbosch to deliver the brand.

  • Compliance: Collaboration with internal and external legal representatives to review and refine the advertising material from a legal, risk and compliance perspective (such as RG146 and RG234).


Spirit Super was successfully launched on 1 April 2021. The fund now services an increased 325,000 membership, with $26 billion funds under management.

New visual identity created by Hulsbosch.

Common Ventures created the strategy and produced the TVC and extension campaign.

OOH mock-up created by Common Ventures.

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