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Racing South Australia: new brand, events and PR


Increased competition for the entertainment ‘share of wallet’, and scrutiny surrounding animal welfare perception are just two of the major issues compounding the challenge to ensure long-term viability for the sport.

Research indicated major pain points in the end-to-end customer journey – from purchasing of tickets, the delivery of the event experience itself, through to missing post-event engagement strategies.

In alignment with the 5 year strategic plan, we developed new strategies to attract new and grow existing audience engagement with thoroughbred racing.


A fresh approach to reach new and grow existing audience engagement with thoroughbred racing in South Australia.

Working as the 'Brand Manager' throughout 2016 - 2018, I was directly involved in:

  • Research: Oversaw brand health, market and customer journey research. This work was to identify preferences and pain points for existing customers, as well as potential future markets and category entry points (CEP).

  • Refreshed brand: Worked with an external creative and media agency to oversee the strategy and execution of a a refreshed hero logo and sub-brands, generating 48% unprompted awareness. ​

  • PR and communication strategy: Worked with an external PR agency to build a communication strategy aimed at promoting a positive public image of the thoroughbred racing industry in South Australia.

  • Digitisation: Developed strategies that prioritised investment in our technology and data to ensure brand and sport sustainability.

  • Rollout: Worked in close consultation with Government, communities and athletes to improve customer pain points at events, and deliver industry programs.


After the development and delivery of the refreshed brand and above-the-line advertising campaign, we generated a 20% YoY growth in event attendance of flagship country racing events over the 2015 - 2018 seasons. This led to a 194% growth in database, and 30% growth in social channel communities (Instagram, Facebook etc), by restructuring and bringing a range of outsourced functions in-house.



Visuals by Crafty Design (Dave Lawson)

Event Management

Photography by Meaghan Coles

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