Hello I'm  
Danni Sparkes.
I help brands grow.


This is what I do

Born a black sheep to a family of bankers and accountants, my childhood quickly proved that I was rubbish at maths, actually pretty good at accounting, but excellent at creative problem-solving. 

Now I am proud to have under my belt 12 years of experience in strategy work across marketing, branding and campaign management within a broad gamut of product categories within private sector, Government, and creative agency side.

Branding Marketing operations
Customer experience Communications

Integrated campaigns  Media planning 


The why, how and what

Rolling up my sleeves and getting to work is what I do. 


I work cross-functionally to lead teams that build customer-centric, functional and beautifully designed digital and traditional brand experiences that deliver commercial outcomes. 



Here are some of the brands I have had the privilege of working with. 


Show, don't just tell

In the media

Some of my recent brand and campaign strategy work featured on industry publications such as Campaign Brief.

Latest work

Discover more about what sorts of business outcomes I have delivered through the marketing and strategy work delivered.

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